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A Paediatric dentist is a specialist in the field of dentistry who has dedicated their career to the treatment of children and those with special needs. They are professionally regarded as the authority in children's teeth and mouth region.

Paediatric Dentistry involves the identification and treatment of:

  • all types of dental decay
  • problems with tooth formation or eruption
  • general queries of any areas in the mouth of all ages ie. tongue ties
  • dental issues in patients with special emotional needs due to a medical condition or a previous traumatic experience.

Paediatric dentists have an intimate knowledge and understanding in the psychology, awareness and management of a patient who is apprehensive.

What is involved in a Paediatric Dentist’s training?

Paediatric Dentists are dentists who have trained a further three years of specialist qualifications in Paediatric Dentistry. Training starts when a dentist is invited to undertake an additional post-graduate masters degree in specialist coursework and research.

The university and hospital based registrar position takes three years full time minimum.

After this time a Paediatric Dentist will typically work in a hospital or teaching based environment or in a private practice setting to treat children and young patients with special needs.

What’s the difference between taking my child to a general vs a paediatric dentist?

You can choose to take your child to either a general dentist or a paediatric dentist. You do not need a referral to bring your child to see a Paediatric Dentist or in other cases your general dentist might refer you to see us.

We often receive a lot of questions from parents who are confused by the number of practices claiming to provide Paediatric dentistry to their patients. Many general dentists and dental therapists have a special interest in children's dentistry, and have performed further learning in this area. This however, does not cover the scope of training required to qualify or register as a specialist in the field of Paediatric Dentistry.

We have undertaken further training and have the experience in simple or complex children's dentistry cases involving a team of specialists. A complete and holistic health approach is always our priority.

At 'The Paediatric Dental Practice’ we aim to provide the highest standard of care for children who are scared, have extensive dental treatment requirements, and those who have special behavioural or health needs and medical conditions.

Not sure whether your child needs to see us

It can be difficult to know which dentist is right for you and your child, where they will feel at ease and who is your family’s best partner in your child’s dental health journey. We invite you to come in to ‘The Paediatric Dental Practice’, meet us and take a look around our practice to see if we match your needs.

Call us on (07) 5597 2000 or contact us online to discuss your child’s situation and coming in to meet us.

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